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Strong Communities → Strong Nation

We must help our local communities grow.

The Great Recession of 2007-09 devastated the US economy, ravaging savings and home values, and destroying eight million jobs. While the nation returned to economic growth in July 2009 and to private sector job growth in early 2010, many communities continued to suffer. Many still suffer today.

The actions to restore the national economy were essential. But, as we have seen first-hand, those actions are not enough to lift all local economies. It is time to turn our national efforts to implementing policies that focus on local communities. That means more money in your wallets and more money in your municipalities. While it is possible to improve the national economy and miss local communities, it is not possible to improve the economy in your township or borough or city and fail to lift the nation. When your community is stronger, our nation is stronger.

Seventy percent of the US gross domestic product (GDP) comes from consumer purchases of goods and services by people like you. The more you and your neighbors have to spend, the more demand you can create. The more demand you create, the more businesses will strive to meet that demand. That increased demand will require them to hire more people. More people working in your communities means even more demand, but it also means local jobs for your children and grandchildren and less instances of them moving away to find work.