I am a retired US Air Force veteran and a Democratic candidate for President. As a veteran, I am alert to threats to our nation. I am running to confront and defeat four grave threats now: a treasonous US President, climate change, rising personal and institutional racism, and dangerously high levels of income inequality. We must meet and overcome these threats.

I also am running to implement a “Strong Communities – Strong Nation” economic philosophy that helps everyone. We know that our nation has recovered from the Great Recession, but we know also that many of our communities have not. I will make communities the focus of my economic policies. I know that when we lift our communities, we lift our nation. Policies that prioritize local economies will help your community whether it is in a densely populated inner city or in a sparsely populated rural county.

The Democratic National Committee has made campaigning this year more welcoming for an insurgent, outside candidacy like mine. We do not have to let television curate our candidates for us. With your help, I can get on the debate stages this year and promote policies that help you. No more celebrities. No more billionaires. I am bringing the presidency back to the people.

This is more than a campaign to put me in the White House, however. When I retired from the Air Force, I told the Airmen I was leaving behind that I would work to increase the number of educated, informed voters to help justify the sacrifices I knew they would continue to make for our country. Running for office has been the most effective way to justify their service.

Please have a look at the enclosed pages and consider my arguments. Please consider helping me get on the debate stage, so more Americans can see policies that help them and help our nation. If you have a couple dollars or a couple minutes, they can make a much larger difference in this campaign than it might in others. It will help me justify the sacrifices of our sons and daughters in uniform.

I deeply appreciate your help.