clean, reliable energy - an opportunity

We need the clean, reliable energy this country is capable of providing and that will make us world leaders in energy development and production.

While market forces are replacing coal in favor of cleaner natural gas, resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions and other pollutants, we need to turn our government policies toward accelerating the growth of clean, emissions-free energy sources like solar and wind. The per-kilowatt cost of these sources continues to drop, falling below even the cost of coal in some countries. Advances in batteries, fuel-cell technology, and molten-salt generators show that we have the ability right now to jump to an energy grid that is reliable and clean and available around-the-clock. Advances in various technologies allow us to move past the large electrical grids of the past to micro-, nano-, and even pico-grids that create a whole new, even revolutionary, approach to delivering energy to consumers. (Foreign Affairs)

We can invest in this and reap the advantages, or we can sit idly by and let India and China lead the way. While we must take care of coal, oil, and gas workers displaced by this change, we must not allow the Trump Administration’s infatuation with 18th Century energy solutions put us centuries behind our competitors.