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Like all the Democratic candidates, I need 65,000 individual donors to this campaign to get into the upcoming debates. Beyond running to confront and defeat four threats to our nation, I have an underlying mission that allows me to gather the resolve to pursue this every morning. I would like you to join my mission.

Fourteen years ago, I told the Airmen I was leaving behind as I retired from the US Air Force that I would work to increase the number of educated, informed voters as a way to help justify their sacrifices. Campaigning has proven to be the best way to reach voters and to fight the fiction and fantasies of the Republican Party with facts. It is working. We are increasing the number of educated, informed voters.

We have reached thousands in this effort. If we can make the debate stage, we can reach millions. We can do that only with your help.

Just one dollar from you counts toward our requirement to reach 65,000 donations and gets us one step closer to appearing in the debates. Please join us today. Service members around the world are sacrificing to protect our Democracy. Let’s show them we appreciate that.

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